2004-09-16 1:53 p.m.

Talk about a harsh day.

Yesterday Mike was gone for over 6 hours doing what I thought was "job hunting" since I'd printed out 9 ads for work he could apply for.

He put in ONE application. One.

I am so mad at him. Today I told him to get his butt of the sofa, and get it in gear. I told him that he was to be at the City Landfill before 1pm or else!!!! That was at 10:30am. He left at 12:40. He took the other printed ads with him, though, so maybe he is out putting in more apps. I told him that I was in sheer dissapointment. I also told him I'd requested prayers from everyone we knew online. I know that made him feel bad. What was he doing for 6 hours, you ask? At his mothers...visiting he says. I called, she said he came in and fell asleep on the couch.

I don't know why he sleeps all the time. I think it is because he never does anything. This is his routine. I wake him up in the morning with coffee, he moves from the bed to the bathroom, then to the sofa. He then goes and sits in the rocker on the porch. Back to the sofa then. Lays there and sleeps until I wake him up around 6:30 pm for supper. He then lays there until midnight, and goes and gets a bath, and back into bed....and sleeps until around 10-11am when I wake him up.

He has been checked by a doctor, and there is nothing ailing him that would make him sleep like this. He is not sick with a virus, or anything that would drain his energy that awful bad. The doctor advised him to take daily vitamin supplements. So, I bought him a HUGE bottle. I bring him one to take every day. This sleeping is bull. I think that the reason he doesn't move or go do anything, is because for eight months he has been lazy. He worked for one week since his last job in Feburary. He has not helped all that much with the house, the kids, or anything. When he does once in a while, I brag on him for days.

He built a BBQ pit the other day. We got into an argument, and I locked him outside. I told him to get off his butt and go do something productive. So he did that.

Don't get me wrong, I love Mike. I would do anything for him, anything at all to help him through whatever life brings our way. But I cannot live with no money. There is no way. We have NO income now! He has drained his unemployment from sitting on his butt on my sofa. I might as well throw the living room furniture out and set it on fire. That'd be easier than trying to explain this all to him. It's like talking to a brick wall!!

So, in conclusion, I'm looking for a job. Yes, I'm still going to have my candle site, and make candles, and raise three kids, and clean, and cook. So God, please help me, and everyone just pray for me.



P.S. Thankyou to everyone that has contributed to my site with donations, and also everyone that ordered! I really appreciate it!


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