Update on everything
2004-09-08 1:08 a.m.

It has been a real busy couple of days here. But fun, nonetheless. Mom and I went fishing last night, all night! We caught lots of catfish and it was great. Today we all went grocery shopping, and I spent over $300.00 in food. That's how low we were. The welfare for me and the kids finally kicked in since we've moved. *whew*.

My brother brought the bills for this house to me. This is a killer. The electric bill is almost $30.00, and the water bill is only $18.00. LMAO! I have never incurred such a short bill in my entire life. In Vidor, the shortest electric bill we ever had was probably over $100.00, and the water bill ran $36.00 a month. We have been so blessed in the past month. My friends have helped me out so much, and my family as well. Mark even asked if I'd be able to pay these, and I said yes, that I'd sold quite a few candles. He then said that if I ever have a problem with it, he would pay the bills for candles, or babysitting in return, or I could just give him the money back when I got it. That was so nice of him. Brothers...lol.

I haven't put Joe back in school yet, because I'm not sure how he'll react. I know that I won't ever find out until I actually put him back in, but the whole ordeal was extremely traumatizing on the both of us....I'm kinda scared.

I talked to the Principle....and she said that I could keep him out as long as we needed, and she knows that I am home-schooling him while out. It's just such a hard decision. I think next Monday will be a good day to take him back. Regardless, I am switching teachers. The teacher he'd had, Mrs. Harris, is the mother of my neice's friend, Jennifer. I guess Mrs. Harris told her daughter what happened with my son at school, and Jennifer came to school the next day telling all her friends what a "bad" kid my son is. I told the principle about it, and she said that it was considered breaking his confidentiality, and that she should not have brought her work home with her. I said well, I don't appreciate it, and when I do put him back in school, I want him to be in a different class. She then told me that they were pretty much full, and expect more coming. I then asked her how full the Pre-K classes were. She said there was plenty of room for him there, that only 6 children had enrolled so far. So, that means Joe will be attending Pre-K. That is absolutely fine with me. Why? If you look at it, he just turned 5 in the end of June. He's almost 1/2 year younger than the other kids in the Kindergarten class. The principle even said that a few of them will be 7 before they graduate Kindergarten.

I think also, that Pre-K will give him the social interaction that he needs so much. That is all that we are lacking now. So, wish me luck all!

I have a FS appointment in the morning by phone, so I have to go for now.




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